Jessie Lin

" A goal that doesn’t scare you a little also won’t excite you.
A goal that doesn’t excite you won’t motivate you to work hard. "
- Scott Young

About Me

Hey there, my name is Jessie. I discovered data science a year ago while I was doing my master's study in colon cancer. Ever since then, I have been working on various data science projects. Click here to hear how I changed from being a colon cancer researcher to being committed to data science.

Selected Projects

Twitter Hashtag Clustering Network: Visualizing Popular Twitter Hashtags

This project showcases visualizing popular Twitter hashtags clustering network by building a SQL database and using popular Python graphing packages inclusing Networkx, ForceAtlas2 and python-louvain. Work details can be found at my GitHub (

HR Analytics: Job Change of Data Scientists (A Kaggle Challenge)

This project showcases visualizing a dataset containing categorical and numerical data, and also build a pipeline that deals with missing data, imbalanced data and predicts a binary outcome. The original dataset can be found on Kaggle, and full details including all of my code is available in a notebook on Kaggle.

Stock Overnight Trading Ranking

A stock trading strategy developed by me — ranking stocks based on statistical data of recent stock prices, over the full range of all available stocks on NASDAQ and NYSE.

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