Feline Photo Gallery!

Bunbun shooting lasers out of his eyes

Pompom trying to steal food with her staring

Bunbun likes to 'take full advantage of Pompom' here he is using Pompom as his pillow

Bunbun loving the head tickle

Washing his paws with my water

He is 'hunting' humans on top of the kitchen cabinet

Hunting the string on top of the kitchen cabinet

Sneaking out of the apartment

Us hiking together

Being silly together

Fell asleep while I'm coding

Grooming turning to a war

Them being them

Taking full advantage of my bed

They can be really strechy

More snuggling

Pompom watching snowflakes drop

Pompom sound asleep

Someone is about to be 'drilled'

The world and the cat

Him being a king in my bed

More snuggling

This is something interesting. In order to control their weight and avoid cat ighting when feeding, we made each one of them a feed box with a scanning cat door that only allows the designated cat to get in. This is Pompom screaming and death staring at me to ask me for MORE FOOD! Haha, she always wants more food.