About Me

I discovered data science and machine learning while I was a master student doing colon cancer research at UMass Amherst. Being a very curious person myself, data science quickly indulged me by the constant exposure to new data sets and domains. The wide range of data science applications in all fields has gone beyond my imagination as a biological researcher whose work only can be applied to healthcare related subjects. Besides that, the meaningful impact data science has brought to my daily life is also something that wet lab research can’t compare to. For one of my earliest projects I built a system to collect and analyze data from ~10,000 stocks and provide actionable statistics to help execute a particular stock trading strategy, which provided useful income for getting through the difficult times of COVID-19.

But don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting replacing every hands-on experiment with simulation programming, as many scientific phenomena still have to be observed by trying it out yourself or seeing it with your own eyes. Rather, I meant the joy and passion brought by data science is something I had never experienced. So, yes, data science has changed my life!

A few interesting things about me. I enjoy spending time with my two very cute kitties, and I have a feline photo gallery just for them. I also practice yoga actively to help me go through the ups and downs in life. Lastly, I have been learning French hoping I can use my French to travel in Europe soon :-)